2 types of Income
  • PH/GH Income: 30% per Month;
  • Referral Income: 5%;



PH Order
  • 1. 100% advance payment of the PH order will be matched immediately- Payment to the account within 48 hours: 1% Income per day upto 15days ( One Cycle )- If payment fails to reach the Receiver’s account within 48 hours after order matching, the ID gets permanently blocked automatically.
  • 2. Payment to the account : 1% income per day after 24 hours from 100% advance payment of the PH Order
  • 3. Freezing period: 15 days after full payment of PH Order. Order is unfrozen 15 days after Order is confirmed i.e. 100% PH has been completed.
  • 4. PH/GH Income shall accrue only up to 15 days from the date of 100% advance payment of the PH Order.
  • 5. The amount of each PH order can only be equal to or greater than (but cannot be lower than) the amount of the previous PH order.
  • 6.First PH to second PH should be gap of 15days.
  • 7. All PH/GH payments are confirmed immediately after 20 confirmations from TRON Blockchain.

GH Order
  • 1. Unfreezing conditions of PH order: On the 10th day after full payment of PH is made to the account, the order will be unfrozen, and you may then apply for GH.
  • 2. Recommitment is compulsory for GH. To apply for a GH order, it’s required to associate with the equal amount of frozen PH orders.
  • 3. 100% of the next PH Order amount should be paid in order to make GH of the current PH Order Principal + ROI. You can make the next GH immediately after full payment of the current PH Order.
  • 4. Matching time for all GH orders: The amount of GH ( PH matured income, Referral income or Manager income) after deducting 5% will be matched and paid to the account within 24 hours.
  • 5. All PH/GH payments are confirmed immediately after 20 confirmations from TRON Blockchain.

  • 1. Freezing of the PH Order is ONLY 15 days. You can withdraw Principal+ROI 15 days after full payment of PH.
  • 2. You can withdraw Principal+ROI of the first PH Order after your second PH Order is confirmed, i.e. after the 100% payment of the second PH Order.
  • 3. Income is calculated on the body of the PH amount (without capitalization).
  • 4. Minimum PH: 1,000 TRON; Maximum PH: 50,000 TRON and should be multiple of 1000 only.
  • Example: 1000, 2000 , 3000 etc.
  • 5. Interest is calculated every 24 hours.
  • 6. Minimum GH: 500 TRON; Maximum GH in 30 days: 2,50,000 TRON.
  • 7. All GH payments are confirmed immediately after 20 confirmations on Tron Blockchain..



  • 1. Referral Bonus: 5 % from downline's PH amount. If you have referred one person who joined the System and completed his/her PH Order, you will receive 5% Bonus of the participant’s PH amount.
  • Note: Upliner PH should be equal or greater than downline's PH. Other wise upliner get refferal commission on his PH equal 5%.
  • Example : A with 1000 PH refers B. B joined with 2000 PH. Then A gets referal commission 5% on 1000 PH. And next cycle A put 2000 PH then he will eligible for 5% commission on B's 2000 PH.
  • 2. Referral Bonus is released immediately after team members PH Orders 100% payment. No freezing period for Referral Bonus.
  • 3. If you have not completed your PH order but your downline members have completed their PH orders, you will not receive the bonus.
  • 4. If you completed your PH Order after your downline members, you will receive the bonus immediately after 100% payment of your PH Order.
  • 5. To apply for GH of Referral Bonus, there is no requirement to associate with frozen order, and no other restrictions.